Peniscola Castle, Spain

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There are so many places to visit and so much to do.  Those who like aquatic sports, particularly diving, will definitely enjoy unforgettable experiences, as the crystal-clear waters are the home of communities of primitive marine species.

Benicarlo is virtually joined to Peniscola.  It has an important fishing harbour and the fish market is well worth a visit in the afternoons.  Benicarlo has beautiful promenades and streets and the cheapest supermarkets.  Benicarlo has its annual festival in August.  You can cycle along the sea front on the cycle bath from Peniscola through to Benicarlo and visit many nice cafes/bars on the way as well as the Hagen Daas Icecream parlour!

The Columbretes Islands are about 35 miles away from the coast and are volcanic.  They are a National Park and protected, which is why access to them has been restricted to prevent damaging the ecosystem.  Yet, it is possible to rent boats to visit them.

Ebro Delta – explore this aquatic National Park where you can take a cruise followed by lunch in a local restaurant.

Morella – this quaint hilltop town has managed to preserve its historical charm – from a distance the view of the town is truly unforgettable.

Port Aventura – one of the most famous theme parks in Europe is a 50-minute drive.  You can see it from the motorway if you are travelling down from Barcelona.  Highly recommended and well worth a visit. Visit the Port Aventura website.

Barcelona & Valencia – you’ll no doubt land in one of these cities, Valencia being the closest.  You’ll know from the publicity they both receive that they are well worth a visit.  There’s a very efficient train service to both cities from Benicarlo.

There’s lots more to do too.  There are lakes to visit, bowling, karts, and in Benicassim (20 minutes away) there’s a fantastic water park.  Don't miss the Monday market in Peniscola - lots of bargains to be had!  Hiring bicycles is also great fun.  

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